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Hide details for 08/17/202208/17/2022
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Hide details for CalendarCalendar
ASHECF8DG8Server - Busytime - Fixed an issue where free busy lookups made from LotusScript to a 3rd party gateway could return data that was shifted by 5...
Hide details for Calendar & SchedulingCalendar & Scheduling
SJOICG3K9FServer/Client - iCal- Fixed an issue where when sending iCal meetings, any attachment within the meeting description was not being sent - just text...
BKANC99UJQTemplates - resrc12.ntf - Fixed a performance issue with Rooms and Resources databases where blocker docs for disabled rooms were being...
Hide details for Client AccessibilityClient Accessibility
SAPLCBV853Templates - mail12.ntf - Fixed an issue where JAWS was not announcing calendar form links for Room, Resouces and Add Category. This regression was...
Hide details for DatabaseDatabase
DCKTCG3NX6Server - DAOS - Fixed an issue where some DAOS objects failed to push to Tier2 giving error about File truncated - file may have been...
Hide details for Full TextFull Text
SVAIC28APZServer - Full text indexing - Fixed a performance issue with full text indexing.
Hide details for iCaliCal
PDARCCBELBServer/Client - iCal - Fixed an issue where Online Meeting details were not being displayed in the description of a Reschedule notice if original...
PDARCGGGWEServer/Client - iCal - Fixed an issue where the Online meeting url was not being updated in the Description field for external Domino invitee when...
Hide details for ISPYISPY
CSAOCF87YXServer - Java - Fixed an issue where ispy50.nsf didn't have a title
Hide details for Java Backend ClassesJava Backend Classes
JCORCGRKU6Programmability - Java - Fixed an intermittent failure that could occur when running OSGI java servlets. This regression was introduced in...
Hide details for Mail ClientMail Client
ASAECGKFA9Templates - mail12.ntf - Fixed an issue with Alternate From where enabling the Alternate From feature for a Mail-in-DB would not work if the document...
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
NVJICEY6RJServer - Replication - Fixed an issue where cluster currency stats were not taking into account normal replication. This change is off by default. ...
Hide details for TemplateTemplate
ASAECEDF9STemplates - mail12.ntf - Fixed an issue with under some conditions, mail-in databases would use the incorrect username for the return...
ASAECFP9LMTemplates - mail12.ntf - Fixed a problem where a Domino Administrator who was a member of a user's mail file's LocalDomainAdmin group was not able to...
Hide details for TemplatesTemplates
SPPPCDFF4WTemplates - pubnames.ntf - Fixed an issue on Linxu where clicking on “TOTP Configuration check” for a TOTP enabled user would result in the error...
Show details for XPagesXPages


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